Summary of OKGrassroots Project


The Problem

  • Governments at all levels are gaining more and more control of our daily lives, increasing the regulations, decreasing our civil liberties, and threatening to bankrupt our future.
  • The People have less effective voice in government than ever before.
  • Influencing the Federal Government directly has become nearly impossible, even for large, well organized groups of citizens.


The Solution

  • We need to think globally and work locally, starting the work to transform our states into Free States.
  • The non-partisan, Precinct Town Meeting, and the resulting precinct organizations, are the missing link between the People and their elected representatives.
  • It has been done before. Alexis de Tocqueville identified the town meeting as the foundation of the American Representative Republic.
  • All we need is 3% of the voters to be fully awake, and motivated to get involved to enact major change.


The Strategy

  • The path to freedom lies in repeal of restrictive laws, and legislation that protects freedom. The best way to achieve this today is through a major political party.
  • The GOP is the majority party in Oklahoma, and growing. It offers the quickest and easiest way to achieve our goal. Plus, their principles are correct: individual liberty, limited goverment and moral responsibility. Working through other parties, or as an independent, faces higher hurdles, if changing the laws is what you want.
  • Many state and local elections will happen in 2016, as well as the Presidential race. We support candidates pledged to building the precinct structure we talk about.
  • We will provide training and resources to empower grassroots activists to be effective at the local level, effecting state and national politics as well!