1912092_10152232105940685_7847139374600074380_n.jpgThe Oklahoma Grassroots campaign is the inspiration of long-time political activist and blogger, Porter Davis. A well known local business man, Porter grew up as a part of the Wm. E Davis and Sons institutional food distributor, where he served as Vice President of operations. He served as president of the company's Chef’s Market division. He was also owner/operator of the popular smooth jazz radio station, KTNT.

After earning his MBA in Organizational Behavior, Davis became a participant in Oklahoma's political arena. From serving as an early State Chairman of the Libertarian party, to winning election as the Republican State Representative to House District 85, to founding a state-level public policy think tank, he is steeped in political tradition and practice. He's made three trips to the Republican National Convention as a Delegate.

Porter's search for solutions to our many problems has convinced him that the missing link to restoring limited, accountable government is strong, local precinct organizations focused around the town meeting. Further, that vision goes beyond politics to become a strong, cross-party, support structure for local communities.

10417494_10202938561567999_7262380960142260670_n.jpgHis co-laborer, Mark Morris, is a local entrepreneur and freelance writer whose early ambitions in politics led him to attend the State Republican convention as an alternate delegate at the age of eighteen.

Since that time, Morris has focused his efforts into several small businesses, and is currently a professional freelance writer and content Cconsultant. Mark has authored more than a dozen ebooks, under his own name and as a ghostwriter, and has produced over a million words of website copy and service journalism. His work has been read by over six million combined readers


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