We Are Not Alone in This Fight!

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When you feel “inspired” to tackle something bigger than you, and you first start to share your vision, it is easy to feel like Elijah, alone in a cave on a mountain, complaining to God that you are the only one.  But just as the creator assured Elijah that he was not alone, good ideas have a way of cropping up in all kinds of places. Since starting this we have found that a lot of people are seeing this opportunity.

  • A search of “precinct project” brings back blog posts and websites from a multitude of places. Most have very similar visions for getting more people involved.
  • We have met like-minded people at every turn, and some of them are more excited than we are to hear that they are not alone.
  • There is a similar group working right next door in Missouri, to achieve a similar end.
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Three Big Reasons to Get Involved

There are a lot of things competing for your time and attention, and we here at OK Grassroots Project understand that. We believe this project to be an essential part of avoiding the collapse of our country , but rather than sound melodramatic, here are three solid reasons for you to join with us!


Do it For Your Country

Yes, you probably have heard this before. America was once a proud nation of independent thinkers who led much of the world in innovation and industry. Our example has helped to lift a large part of the globe out of poverty and into more free enterprise. Meanwhile, we have begun the process of curtailing our own freedoms we need to get back to that.

  • Free markets means an easier time for you as you earn a living for your family
  • Less obtrusive, more responsive government means less concern for you in your daily life
  • A strong and innovative America is a safe America that can partner with other nations from a position of strength to bring more stability to our world
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Stop One on Our World Tour! And Precinct Meetings, 101!

Hello OK Grassroots Project Nation!

Last night we had the good fortune to be asked to fill in for a guest speaker at the OKC 912 group. Stop one on our World Tour!  Porter gave the first public presentation of the project to about 30 people. It was great to see people imagining the potential for change that active precinct organizations gives us. Many were eager to get involved!

In the group last night, almost half had served as precinct officers, which is well above average. This low level of participation is a good indication of the opportunity we have once we realize the potential  that people-powered, active precinct organizations offer! So we thought we’d provide Precincts Primer 101!










What is a Precinct?

Most people know that their precinct is where they vote, but not much beyond that.

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Welcome to the Oklahoma Grassroots Project!

Our overarching purpose is to provide a vision of a practical, proven method we can use to help build an effective grassroots network to transform our state into an economic, cultural and spiritual oasis -- a Free State. We want to help:

  • Restore the Liberty envisioned by America's Founders, and restore power to the People;
  • Rebuild community. We are going through perilous times in our Fourth Turning (Click for pdf interview author.) Historically, Americans have needed to come together to help each other get through crises. Today, we will need to do the same;
  • Start a real Conversation on the vital issues of our day. It's time to abandon the divisiveness promoted though out our culture, come together on what unites us and seek liberty-based solutions. We can do that by Listening and Seeking to understand, and then Talk;
  • Create Grassroots Gardens of Good Citizenship, where we can plant the seeds and develop the leaders we need to represent us as elected representatives;
  • Hold our representatives accountable to legislating to protect and increase liberty -- and replace them if they don't.
  • Crowd-source our ideas and crowd-fund them wherever possible. We want to tap the creativity and enthusiasm of the people in the grassroots. Many hands, and creative minds, make the work easy -- and fun!
  • Share best practices so all can benefit from the pioneering efforts of early Precinct Leaders.
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