Fighting Against "laws" That Aren't Really!


The IRS, EPA, FDA, TSA, ATF, DEA, and so many others make up an alphabet soup of un-constitutional regulatory agencies that grind out much of what we as modern Americans have come to think of as law. There are a couple of problems with that.

First, the agencies themselves have no constitutional basis for their existence, as they arguably act outside the enumerated powers of the of the United States in a gray area justified as being “for the general welfare”.

Besides their dubious existence, they are not run by elected officials at all, but appointees. This means that the regulations your business, or  the company you work for, is coerced into following under threat of imprisonment, are often not laws at all. They are rules made up without the consent of congress, but given the force of law, seen as equal to law, and prosecuted by the courts, in most cases, as law.

Many states are fighting back against this overreach by writing actual laws within their states to halt, or slow the effects of these illegitimate laws. Here’s  a story from outlining some state’s efforts to fight back in 2015! We need to be cheering them on, and encouraging similar actions within our own state!

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