Frequently Asked Questions

Please Ask Questions

A project as ambitious as ours is bound to raise a lot of questions. And it should.

We solicit your questions. Every one we get helps us better think through what we are doing and how we can do it better. We will be posting answers to questions as quickly as we can get them.

To ask your question, please email us at: [email protected]

I hate politics and everything about it. Why should I get involved with this project?


The truth is, political activity might not be for you. Not everyone has a burden on their heart to make the world a better place. If you are one of those people, you could be wasting your time.

However, the fact that you are on this page, learning about the OK Grassroots Project, means that you must have some interest. So the question might be better framed: How will I benefit if I invest time and energy in this? And will I enjoy myself doing so?

The direct benefit comes to you is that participating in this project gives you a way to help provide a better future for your children and grandchildren. If you study the plans laid out on this site, you should be able to see how an informed, trained, grassroots political force can result in better political representatives and a transformed State government.

Participating should be rewarding and fun. Getting together with like-minded neighbors, working for a common cause on local issues, most always brings great satisfaction to those involved. They key is to find out what you're good at (or want to get better at), and do that, while have fun while doing it. The pay is lousy, but the benefits are large!

I already belong to one or more educational citizens' groups. Isn't this a duplication?


Building the Grassroots through self-sustaining, regular Precinct Town Meetings is NOT a duplication. What we are offering is a structure for the missing link to make our elected representatives accountable. That has been missing from the typical informational meeting.

As we build this structure, the information groups will be better able to extend their influence than they can now. Some of them have mailing lists numbering in the thousands. If they are able to motivate those on their lists to get involved in the Precinct Town Meetings, they will reach many more people with their message.

While it is true there may be some informational overlap, it is of little concern. In fact, we will be reaching out to many of these information groups to help provide programs for our monthly video web casts.

You say the OK Grassroots Project is non-partisan, but you advocate working through the OK GOP. Isn't that a contradiction?


No, it isn't.

The fact is that the laws will only be changed through the political process. The quickest opportunity for liberty-minded individuals to effect change is through one of Oklahoma's two existing parties. As a practical matter, we chose the GOP because:

  • It's stated, foundational principle is: “We believe in limited government, individual liberty, and personal moral responsibility.
  • It is the majority party, growing in voter registration and elected officials. By themselves, the Democrats can do little but talk. If united, the GOP legislators can pass any laws they want.

Our effort is non-partisan in that we encourage Precinct Town Meetings to be open to everyone. We want Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and the un-registered to join the process and make their voices heard. Those who want to work through the Democrat party are encouraged to do so. Just understand that their clout is rapidly diminishing.

That said, there may be circumstances that working through the Democrats may be the only practical option to promote liberty.

The OK GOP falls way short of actually promoting Liberty. Why do you think that will change?


The existing Oklahoma GOP elected representatives, as well as the official State Platform, contradict the principles of liberty in many ways. Among those who say they support "liberty," there is great confusion as to what it means. None of that is set in stone, and just provides us with a starting point for our efforts.

Transforming the GOP to consistently adhere to, and promote, its stated principles is our goal. The Platform is up for revision at every convention, and elected officials are up for election every two to four years. It should not be hard to imagine that a grassroots political force of 30 leaders per precinct can bring the GOP into what it could, and should, be.

When the GOP was the minority party, many developed a minority mentality. Any elected Republican who could fog a mirror was generally better than a Democrat, or so the thinking went. Incumbents were revered, even if they weren't much better than the Democrats they replaced.

That minority party mentality still lingers. It doesn't help that the political consultants and special interests have taken away the power from the grassroots. All that will change as the grassroots organizations develop and begin to take back the People's power. That is what the OK Grassroots Project is about.