How to Get From Zero to Sixty Thousand in a Year!

As we have met with groups over the last week to share the vision of the OK Grassroots Project, Porter has been explaining that we only need 3% of the voters to get things back on track and keep them on track toward making Oklahoma a free state. When you add it up, that comes to about 60k. That is a lot of people, larger than many entire cities in our state, and certainly enough people to get their point across. But it is a significant number for a couple of reasons:


  • 3% is the same number of colonists who were actively engaged in fighting the American Revolution, and we all know how that turned out.

  • It also happens to be the same percentage of men that God told Gideon to take from the ten thousand after he told the cowards to go home. They defeated the Midianites in a single battle, without ever raising a sword!

But How Do We Get From Here to There?


It seems like a daunting task, but Porter shared a formula with the John Birch Society in Choctaw. They were expecting 15 in attendance (we had a few more) so he did a little math, and here is what he came up.


  • If just fifteen people committed to recruit just one more in the next month, that number would double to thirty, the size of what we envision as a single precinct town meeting core.

  • After the first month, all thirty commit to finding one more to double the group again.

  • If this pattern were repeated for 12 months, we would have our target number of 60,000 Town Hall Precinct Meeting regulars, just in time for the 2016 election season. ( and new precinct elections!)


Imagine what could happen from there! So, it may seem like a daunting task, but if each of us were willing to take the time to make one dozen new friends and recruit them to our cause over the next year, it would be done. We will need to work on a strategy to reach out into undeveloped precincts and find our three percent.


This Movement is “Viral”


I mean this in the modern, new media sense, it catches on quick and it spreads! Imagine being able to send emissaries to neighboring states to help them get started as soon as next year! Or maybe sooner if people are of a mind to do it.


  • There are roughly 300,000,000 Americans, of those almost 150 million are voters.

  • From that 150 million, with precincts meeting in all 50 states, our movement could become 4.5 million people.

  • Even 10% of those people (450,000 voters) could be enough to sway even the presidential elections if they worked together.


Our Immediate Goal is a Free Oklahoma


We can dream, but others have had good plans for changing the nation and seen them fall short before. That is why we feel it is essential that each state use the resources it has to free itself, if that is what they want. So, can you join us?


Plan on attending your precinct meeting, if it has not happened yet. From there, please go on to county and state convention. We need to get more everyday voices into this process! For more information go here:


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