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We start livecasting the Oklahoma County Precinct 111 meetings on October 20. Attend the live cast or view the video on demand.

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We Need You to Commit to Attending Four Meetings in 2016

  • GOP Precinct Meetings, late January - early February
  • GOP County Conventions, March
  • GOP Congressional District Convention, April
  • GOP State Convention, May 14-15



Here's Why:

One of our main objectives over the next 6 months is to increase grassroots participation in the Oklahoma Republican Party. While our project overall is non-partisan, working through political parties to achieve more freedom is a practical, peaceful way to restore freedom.

We are doing a major push through the GOP right now because:

  1. The OK GOP Statement of Principles is an excellent statement of political liberty. They are a great starting point for the conversation, and a good guide to legislation.
  2. The GOP is the growing majority party in Oklahoma. If we hold them to their principles, we have greater ability to progress to more liberty.
  3. We have an immediate opportunity to make great strides toward building up the grassroots precinct organizations -- new chairmen will be elected at county and state conventions.

It All Begins At the Precinct Meetings in January or February.

Plan to attend your GOP precinct meeting because that's where the whole process begins. You must be registered Republican to attend. It will be easier if you are registered early enough to get your official voter card. If you can't, see if you can get a receipt from your county election board.

What Will Happen at the Precinct Meeting?

At the meeting, the most important things for you to do will be:

  • to vote for vacant officers -- chair, vice-chair, secretary, or treasurer. Don't be afraid to run yourself, and don't be intimidated to just vote for the existing officers.
  • to elect delegates to the county convention. That's where RNC delegates will start being selected. Be sure to sign up to be a delegate.

There will be a little bit of other business. But because most precincts are lifeless today (we want to change that), there won't be much for you to do as an officer -- yet. Don't worry about that, though. We intend to make it easy for you. At the top of the page, please locate and download the party precinct pack, with meeting explanations, there are also download links for the OK State party platform, and the OK State party rules at the bottom of the page. Study them.

What will happen at the County Convention?

The County Convention will either be on the same day as your Precinct Meetings (in smaller counties, generally), or on a separate day. Be sure to find out at your county's web site linked under Resources at the OK GOP web site.

At the County convention the primary orders of business will be to:

  • Elect delegates to the State Convention, April 11
  • Consider changes to the platform

You will want to stay for the whole meeting. Be prepared with snacks and beverages. You might need them. More instructions will be forthcoming.

What will happen at the State Convention in Oklahoma City, April 11?

At the State Convention, the primary orders of business will be to:

  • Elect delegates to the RNC (Republican National Convention) to nominate the Presidential candidate
  • Consider changes to the platform
  • Other important issues

Please plan to stay for the entire meeting. Even though registration closes by 9 am or so, it often takes time to certify credentialed delegates and pass rules. You may easily go until late afternoon, so plan to stay. That is when the most important business often happens. There are rumors of a big party later that evening.

Please Sign Up Here

Since we are trying to help recruit people to attend each of the 1,956 precinct meetings, as well as empower them to act effectively, we need your basic voter information. We need your contact information so we can keep you informed and updated. We have the capability to send text messages, so please give us your mobile number as well.

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Republican Party Platform of Oklahoma!


Republican Party Rules for Oklahoma!