News Update From the Grassroots Front!

The perils of grassroots politics in the twenty-first century are many and varied. There are the age old bogey men of party politics and political intrigue. Then there are a new set of issues brought on by our changing media and communications structure. We have experienced some of that this last week.


A Link in Your Post Might Be Unsafe
It looks like your post contains a link that might be unsafe:

Please remove this link from your post or enter the security code below if you’re sure you want to include it.
This message has popped up on the screen of several supporters in the last few days and is, understandably, causing concern. It's a good thing! Here is why:
  • This message is an indication of TOO many links being shared out from our page! YAY!

  • The message only shows up when pages grow faster than they “should” without ads.

  • They are aimed at groups who are using “bots” (false, computer generated profiles) to share links, which they think we are, but we are not!

So, I take it as a badge of honor that you guys are doing a great job at getting the word out!

Here's What is Coming Up This Week!


We are expecting a list of precinct meeting times and places, at least for Oklahoma County, hopefully other counties as well, early this week. We will get this out as quickly as we can. Expect to see a few that we received in an unusable format coming out here in the next few hours, I had to rework the chart to make it make sense on the site. Here is what we need on this:

  • Please share the link to this data. It is not easy to get in many cases, so it is precious and may mean the difference in some precincts!

  • Please add any data you have yourself, even if you are think you are certain you have the forces to accomplish your goal, our aim here is to get more people involved.

  • Please share this with groups, on pages, on blogs and anywhere else you have access to. If you have an email list, please send to them and ask them to get involved!


There are Several Ways to Get Involved


Our favorite method is to come to the website and sign up for the informational list. We promise not to bombard you. We understand that many people in the liberty movement are uncomfortable with this. In fact, some even hesitate to like our facebook page. That is fine. Please note that while some actions taken are shared, and we love that! You can select to not share your actions on our page with a check box, just look for it on any page that asks for information.

  • If you want to be more discrete, please lurk all you like on the FB page.

  • Also, join the FB group, it is easier to get the information there and we will not share as many memes and other links, etc, (which are great for conversation, but do not appeal to everyone) Facebook group members are not shared publicly outside the group.

  • You can also private message our page if that helps. We just want to get people to the precinct meetings, county conventions and state convention. Beyond that, whatever your political affiliation, we want you involved in putting control back in the hands of the people!


So far, the largest audience has been on the FB page and it is several times larger than the number of “likes” we have which just reached 300 today! Without any ads! Pat yourselves on the back for that one!


Best Ways to Spread the Word

Found this on the other day! Thanks!



The number one best way to spread anything is through personal conversation and personal recommendation, but this can be slow and time consuming. Right now, FB seems to be working, email has been good too and we would love to send you a message to forward on if you want one. Here is what we need on the FB page.

  • Invite your friends. Our first choice is Oklahomans who are liberty oriented, but even out of the area folks can be helpful in getting FB to notice us more.

  • Share our posts to your profiles, pages and groups! This is the best way to get people tracking back. They may see likes in their timeline, but the posts that are shared are a big win!

  • Like, comment and post to the page and group. These are great ways as well. We would love to see groups and pages sharing their information about meetings and events, and anything you have regarding the upcoming precinct meetings is vital!

  • We would also love to come and share with your group, or give you information, flyers, whatever to share with your groups as well!

We have one week until our big show! Be sure to watch for more information coming up about the precinct leaders training livestream on January 20th at 7pm and if you are in Oklahoma County, and are planning to be a precinct leader, message us for information on attending in person, seating is limited.

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