OK County Precincts Tonight! And Grassroots Nation Update

What a ride so far, we have launched a website, gotten almost 400 fans on FB, helped sponsor a training event with one hundred attendees and have shared information with over 4000 Facebook users! Along the way we have joined groups, liked pages, spoken at four public events and made a forty minute precinct training video, which we live streamed. And in our spare time….

Suffice it to say the OKGrassrootsProject.com is making quite a splash and the momentum is building. We are sharing precinct and county convention information, connecting people with their county chairs when we can’t find the info and answering as many questions as we can. It has been a busy two months.

So, what’s next? Right now we are still in the thick of the OKGOP precinct project and hope to see a lot of our new friends out at these meetings around the state. Both Porter and myself will be at precinct meetings in Oklahoma County this evening, I will be representing precinct 118 at the GOP headquarters, while Porter will be at the Edmond location. Say hi if you see us.

Just thought I would share a couple of reminders and a tip or two:

Remember that this is a serious thing, being involved in government and if you want people to take your seriously, you have to respect the process. Dress professionally or at least nice casual. Be prepared to work with everyone who shows up for your precinct and remember that there are rules to the entire process.  Do your best to play within them and make allies, not enemies.

If you are not registered Republican and plan to join us, the rules state that you must do it today to be eligible for the state convention. You can get that information here. For precincts that meet today, it may be too late but if your precinct meeting is upcoming, get it done today!

For your precinct meeting location in Oklahoma County go here:

For those who do not currently have a copy of the voter ID, you will need to go here and print the page with your information including the header with the election board’s name on it. Take this and your state issued photo ID (driver’s license) to your meeting as proof of who you are and which precinct you belong to.

Take along your smart phone or tablet and be prepared to snap a pic of any and all documents including the forms from the precinct packet. The more people who do this, the better; It is hard to contradict photo evidence with a date stamp, in case mistakes are made in the process.

Be prepared to share your ideas for the state party platform. It’s best if you take a moment and write them out before you go, if you need more about this, please watch the precinct training.

HAVE FUN! You are helping make government happen. This is where it’s at, and you should get to know the people in your precinct and enjoy the experience! Let us know how it goes on our FB page, we love precinct stories.



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