Stop One on Our World Tour! And Precinct Meetings, 101!

Hello OK Grassroots Project Nation!

Last night we had the good fortune to be asked to fill in for a guest speaker at the OKC 912 group. Stop one on our World Tour!  Porter gave the first public presentation of the project to about 30 people. It was great to see people imagining the potential for change that active precinct organizations gives us. Many were eager to get involved!

In the group last night, almost half had served as precinct officers, which is well above average. This low level of participation is a good indication of the opportunity we have once we realize the potential  that people-powered, active precinct organizations offer! So we thought we’d provide Precincts Primer 101!










What is a Precinct?

Most people know that their precinct is where they vote, but not much beyond that.

A precinct is the smallest political boundary in the state. Together, each precinct is like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle that makes up the entire state. says, a precinct is “A district, as of a city, marked out for governmental or administrative purposes.” In Oklahoma, each precinct:

  • Has an average of 1,000 voters of both parties and independents.
  • Fits entirely in each voting district for municipal, county and state offices.
  • Boundaries are decided between the two major parties and assigned by the state election board.
  • Approximately 20 precincts in Oklahoma make up each of Oklahoma’s State House districts.
  • Each precinct has a polling place, typically inside a civic building, church, or school.
  • Currently meets only once a year, or less.

What is the process we’re asking you to commit to?

We’re asking each of you who wants to be involved in the process to attend 3 meetings: your precinct meeting, your county convention and state convention. We also urge each of you to run for one of the four precinct offices in your precinct, especially for chairman. For the GOP, complete details are here.

Here’s an over view of the process as laid out by our friend Dr. Shannon Grimes, Chairman of the Cherokee County GOP, from his blog: ( they are doing some really great work out there by the way, go check them out!)

Biennial Precinct Meetings:  Every two years Republicans from the precincts come together to handle several pieces of business and to participate first hand in grassroots politics and organization.

1) Elect Precinct Officers: These officers are a Precinct Chairman and a Precinct Vice Chairman, a Precinct Secretary, and a Precinct Treasurer, who may be the same person. These officers make up the Precinct Committee.

2) Elect Delegates to the County Convention:  Each precinct gets to elect delegates to the County Convention where County Officers and State Convention Delegates will be elected among other business.

3) Propose and vote on Resolutions and Republican platform changes.  Those passing advance to County Conventions for consideration.

What is the job of precinct officers?
The Precinct Committee is the supreme Republican
Party authority of each precinct and is charged with the duty of promoting the welfare and directing the affairs of the Republican Party in its precinct. The Precinct Chairman is the executive officer of the precinct delegates to any county convention and presides over precinct meetings throughout his or her term.  The Vice Chair assists the Chair and fills that role when the Chair is unable.

The Precinct Chair and Vice Chair also serve as part of the County Committee which is the governing body of the county party.  The County Committee makes decisions for the county party and gives direction to the county chairman.

There you have it in a nutshell

It really is as simple as it sounds, and if you are concerned with how all of this gets done, please plan to login to the live training, January 20th! Need more information on how? So do we, at the moment, but we will have it shortly, and will be happy to share with everyone who signs up on our page to receive more information.

One More Thing!

As an example of the ridiculous micromanaging of our lives that seems to obsess too many legislators, Senator Barrington has introduced a law to outlaw wearing “disguises” in public. If passed, this bill criminalizes the mere wearing of certain clothes, under threat of a $500 fine. The current fascination some people have with hoodies seems to have prompted his latest venture into expanding the reach of Big Brother. Help us give Senator Barrington the ridicule he richly deserves.  

We challenge you this week, to visit our Facebook page and post a photo of yourself wearing a hoodie, preferably in a public place. Won’t you join us? Then tag at least one friend, and challenge them to do the same!


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