The 20 Counties We Will Focus on First.


We are Ready to Help You Get Started

When it comes to fixing things politically in Oklahoma, your county means more to you than the others, we get that. The plan is to put grassroots grown, self-sustaining, precinct town hall meetings in every county in the state, but the reality is, that like some states in the presidential election, some counties are more strategic than others.

With the precinct meetings now underway, the county and state conventions are coming quickly, and some have already happened. We wanted to put the call out for people who live in 20 strategic counties that we think will be instrumental in helping get the movement going quickly.

This Seems Like a Good Place to Start

We have chosen these counties for one reason and one reason only. They are the counties that have the highest number of delegates allowed for the Oklahoma State GOP convention, therefore, they are the most active, (vote wise in the last election) and seem like natural places to start.

In addition, while many are in central Oklahoma, they represent areas around the large population centers of our state and will provide us with bases of operation to help spread the word from there.

We Need Some Help

We would like to have a point person for each of these counties and would love to hear from you if that is something you are interested in, or you know someone in these counties we should contact. We are looking for volunteers who will be actively involved in establishing precinct meetings beyond the convention, and would be willing to learn the model and teach it to others to help them get started as well.

It would be helpful if this person was a part of the Republican precinct process, but they do not have to be a precinct chair. This person would be responsible for keeping us in touch with the people of that county.

Here are the twenty counties, in the order they appear in the call to convention, with the number of delegates each county can send. So, if you know anyone in these counties, get the word out, let them know about precinct and convention meetings and encourage them to show up and become a delegate to the state convention.

Pottawatomie 38 Kay 26 Rogers 60 Canadian 79 Stephens 27 Carter 26 Logan 29 Tulsa 320 Wagoner 46

Cleveland 133 Washington 38 Comanche 43 Muskogee 29 Creek 41 Delaware 24 Garfield 31

Oklahoma 342 Grady 30 Osage 25 Payne 34  

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