The OK GOP falls way short of actually promoting Liberty. Why do you think that will change?


The existing Oklahoma GOP elected representatives, as well as the official State Platform, contradict the principles of liberty in many ways. Among those who say they support "liberty," there is great confusion as to what it means. None of that is set in stone, and just provides us with a starting point for our efforts.

Transforming the GOP to consistently adhere to, and promote, its stated principles is our goal. The Platform is up for revision at every convention, and elected officials are up for election every two to four years. It should not be hard to imagine that a grassroots political force of 30 leaders per precinct can bring the GOP into what it could, and should, be.

When the GOP was the minority party, many developed a minority mentality. Any elected Republican who could fog a mirror was generally better than a Democrat, or so the thinking went. Incumbents were revered, even if they weren't much better than the Democrats they replaced.

That minority party mentality still lingers. It doesn't help that the political consultants and special interests have taken away the power from the grassroots. All that will change as the grassroots organizations develop and begin to take back the People's power. That is what the OK Grassroots Project is about.