The Problem

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

  • Do you feel like your elected officials aren’t listening to you?
  • Or that they don't care about what you think government should be doing or not doing?
  • Are you sick of divisive, confrontational politics and long for intelligent conversations seeking real solutions for important problems we face?
  • Do you feel as if your voice doesn't matter?

If so, you're not alone.

Instead of the Democratic Republic it was founded to be, America has become a documented oligarchy.  Political Elites and Special Interests control government at all levels. Politicians seldom  represent the best interests of the People.

  • The People feel disconnected from their elected representatives.
  • People feel helpless to effect real change. As a result,
  • Apathy is at an all-time high. And
  • Voter registration is low, and voter turnout even lower.

The Political Class is out of control.

Normal citizens feel they have no influence on Federal elections. Big Corporate and Banking Money, the Political Class, and the Mainstream  Media seemingly control everything.

  • Each year brings increases in taxes, regulations, and government debt.
  • We are buried under restrictions on civil liberties, economic activity, favors to Special Interests and never-ending wars.
  • Meanwhile favored corporations and banks get taxpayer bailouts, subsidies and fat government contracts.
  • The Political Class has bureaucratic job security, regular government paychecks, pensions and health plans. Meanwhile the rest of us are experiencing fewer, lower paying jobs, more debt and a decline in our standard of living.

It's not just a Federal problem!

At the state and local levels, the situation is much the same. Legitimate government functions, like infrastructure repair, are neglected in favor of Special Interest honey pots. Federal regulations and incentives have fueled the growth of state and local government.

  • State agencies are more and more dependent on Federal financing
  • State and municipal governments are expanding in cost and regulations. The state, in turn, is reaching ever further into the lives of its citizens.
  • Federal law often overrules state law, defrauding citizens of freedom and property without due process, while our law enforcement and judicial "protectors" stand idly by, or worse yet, become complicit.
  • The criminal justice system is broken, too often doing too little to protect us from real criminals, while providing too little justice. It is creating more social problems than it solves, at great expense to the taxpayers.

We need a solution, today!

If nothing changes to reverse this situation, our children and grandchildren will grow up as slaves to an ever-increasing tyrannical State.

We have found a way to overcome this mess. Finally, there is a way for your voice to be heard, to elect better representatives, and to hold them accountable. We have a solution.

Get started right away!

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