The Strategy

Long-Term Strategy

Our long-term goal is to establish a structure of self-sustaining, precinct organizations which will comprise an effective grassroots network to transform Oklahoma government at all levels. That's the main thrust of the OK Grassroots Project. Everything else flows into that.

As explained in more detail elsewhere on this site, working through the OK GOP will give us the most leverage and quickest return for our efforts to return government to the People

Short-Term Objective: Attend your GOP precinct meetings, county and state conventions

We have an immediate opportunity to influence OK GOP in the direction of more liberty. In 2015, party leadership will be elected at all levels – precinct, county and state. Moreover, the party platform will be up for revision. We want to have a direct influence in all of these. Everything starts at the official Precinct Meetings in January.

We want to elect Chairmen of the County and State GOP organizations committed to developing the grassroots with Precinct Town Meetings. If they do, the grassroots will be built more quickly.

We will inform all the candidates of this project. We will ask for a commitment to use the power of their office to build the precinct meeting structure, and to encourage many new activists to get involved. We will inform you of their commitment.

We need you at 3 meetings to vote for the candidates who will help us build the grassroots foundational structure.

In the short run, we're asking all who want to participate to make sure you are registered Republican and to attend 3 meetings:

  • Your official GOP precinct meeting, Jan. 20-31.
  • Your GOP County Convention, Feb 1 - March 14
  • The GOP State Convention, Oklahoma City, April 11.

Use this link to find out your current registration, and precinct.

What if you are not a registered Republican?

We are reaching out to Democrats and Independents, as well as Republicans. If you like what we are doing, please consider re-registering. Changing your registration is easy, and can be done by mail. Details are at Join the GOP Precinct Project.

We believe this simple, straight forward strategy will succeed! Here's Why!