The Vision

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.          -Helen Keller

Our vision is simple.

We want to empower the People, the Grassroots, to transform Oklahoma into the first Free State in the nation.

A Free State will:

  • Have a strictly limited government, built upon well-established principles of liberty;
  • Become a land of real opportunity -- an economic, cultural and spiritual oasis.
  • Allow the People to achieve their highest potential, and will create an environment where innovation, openness and freedom are the norm, not the exception.
  • Have thriving communities, with art, science and industry in abundance
  • Be a safe haven for people who wish to be free from political oppression and are willing to live in harmony
  • Serve as an example to surrounding states, the nation and our world of what is possible when normal people commit to work together for a common cause
  • Use the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution to block unconstitutional Federal overreach into the affairs intended to be left to the States.
  • Be an example to the rest of the nation for how we can navigate our current crisis successfully to a better future.

It starts at the foundation – the Grassroots

Historically, the town meeting was the foundation of America’s Constitutional Republic. Direct democracy at this level gave a real voice to the People, and kept their representatives accountable.

Today, the mechanism for doing this is the Precinct Town Meeting. This is where we will recruit, inform, train and activate people into an effective political force to fulfill the vision. The precinct organizations growing from these will network with others in their Wards, Counties, House Districts, and State to elect, and hold accountable, representatives who will work toward this end.

  • Career politicians won’t hold themselves accountable. We must do it.
  • Simple community organizations have been the foundation of many great changes in our nation’s history
  • Everyday people want their voices to be heard. They will heard if they learn to apply the right leverage, at the right place, in the right way

We will free ourselves from the bottom up

  • When fully operational, each of Oklahoma's 1,956 political precincts will have 3% of the registered voters involved in self-sustaining, monthly Precinct Town Meetings.
  • Each precinct will have about 30 activist/precinct leaders; Each House District will have about 600.
  • That number of precinct leaders will be able to hold any State Representative accountable, or replace them at the next election. Your State Representative and Senator will listen.
  • Your voice, and not just your vote, will be counted
  • We can have government that makes sense in the lives of our communities and families, without accepting what is handed to us
  • It can be done within the existing structure much more easily and quickly than you might imagine. The opportunity is there!

Working through the Oklahoma GOP is the quickest way to realize our vision.

While the overall OK Grassroots Project is non-partisan, from a practical standpoint working through the Oklahoma Republican Party offers the quickest way to achieve our objectives. This is because:

  • Of their Foundational Principles: "We believe in limited government, individual liberty, and personal moral responsibility."
  • The GOP is the majority party in Oklahoma government. They can basically do whatever they want to in the legislature.
  • Influencing the GOP will give each of us the maximum possible leverage with our elected representatives.
  • Nearly 40% of the state's precincts went without representation in the last GOP State Convention. Show up and be counted.
  • In the process, we will be building stronger and more cohesive communities that better represent all of us, so that government will not just favor the few at the top

We just have to hold the GOP and its elected officials to its stated principles.

If you would like to be a part of helping that happen, please join us.

Check out our Strategy.

I see the vision now, how can I help?

You can sign up today for more information on how you can get involved.