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Wow. Things are beginning to move so fast around here. It is amazing what can happen when you decide to take action and ask others to join you. Our Facebook page continues to grow, and should eclipse 300 fans (real fans who are actually talking, liking and sharing) today or tomorrow and the list of  you receiving our emails grows daily. Thanks. We are humbled and grateful for your support.

The Battle Has Begun!

Last night we had another amazing time with some liberty minded folks and found out some energizing news. It seems that several counties in Oklahoma are already engaged in holding their precinct meetings, which we believed would not be announced until after the 13th. In addition to this, so few counties actually have a page on the OKGOP site that information is rather hard to come by. Here is what we need:

  1. We need information from as many counties and precincts as possible about when, where and who to contact for information regarding your precinct’s meeting.
  2. We need help with getting the word out to those who, (we are so sorry) thought they might have time to prepare and gather support.
  3. We need those of you who have not yet to please sign up for so that we can build a central database to be able to contact all of you and put you to work in your precincts.

If you would like to know more about precinct meetings, go download the packet at the bottom of this page.

What is the goal?

It has been stated throughout our website, but ultimately, the goal is a free Oklahoma. Not just for one cause, but one that would be open to conversation on any topic, so that everyday Oklahomans have a voice. To achieve that we want to reiterate:

  • Get involved in your precinct! This is essential. Without this, you have no voice in any political process beyond the ballot box, and we know how frustrating voting can be. Help change that by changing the system from within.
  • Volunteer to serve as a precinct officer, and , or delegate to the county convention in your county! This is where the rubber starts to meet the road. We are focused on Republicans right now, but encourage all democrats to do the same, and independent and libertarian voters to register republican and help us change this mess!
  • Put yourself up for delegate to the state convention.  This is where many decisions about state party officials and state platform are made. This is one of the most powerful positions in American politics, because it helps to shape the policies that govern the process.

What Are We Up Against?

Last night we heard stories from several counties that have already “decided” who their precinct officers and delegates will be. The problem with this, is, there has to be a meeting to vote on these “decisions” and until that happens, there is nothing official about these choices. We need to be educated and prepared to withstand politics as usual, Richard Michael was talking to us about the "the rules" the other day and how knowing and insisting on the rules can help and is a powerful tool. Download the precinct packet to learn the rules, be informed!

For More on How to Get Involved, Check Out This page!

Here is a direct link to download the 2015 Call to Convention PDF containing Precinct Meeting Rules

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