Three Big Reasons to Get Involved

There are a lot of things competing for your time and attention, and we here at OK Grassroots Project understand that. We believe this project to be an essential part of avoiding the collapse of our country , but rather than sound melodramatic, here are three solid reasons for you to join with us!


Do it For Your Country

Yes, you probably have heard this before. America was once a proud nation of independent thinkers who led much of the world in innovation and industry. Our example has helped to lift a large part of the globe out of poverty and into more free enterprise. Meanwhile, we have begun the process of curtailing our own freedoms we need to get back to that.

  • Free markets means an easier time for you as you earn a living for your family
  • Less obtrusive, more responsive government means less concern for you in your daily life
  • A strong and innovative America is a safe America that can partner with other nations from a position of strength to bring more stability to our world

Do it for Your Self

Out of all the things that keep you busy every day, how many really have deep meaning. If you are like most of us, you work, you may go to the gym, you shop for things you need, you spend a little precious free time with friends and family, and then you sleep. Finding something that has meaning can be tough, but being part of a cause you believe in enriches life beyond measure!

  • You have an opportunity, we are in a period that many call “the fourth turning” and many of us can feel that a great global shift is taking place. You will be part of it. Will you be a victim, or part of a solution that moves us forward?
  • When you look back ten years from now, would you rather remember yourself on a barstool, or in your recliner in front of a TV, or out in your community, getting to know your neighbors and making a difference.
  • If you are paying attention, all of these things happening in our world are unsettling to you. This is your chance to help create the better world you see when you stop to think about what it should be.

Do it for the Community

When you hear this phrase, you may think of someone selflessly giving themselves for others. This is a good thing, but not the whole message. Do it so that you can be part of a community. Belong to something bigger than yourself. Find like-minded people, and some that are maybe not so much, and work for a better life for all of you.

  • You need others. They need you too. This movement provides an outlet for a very real human desire, the desire to mean something to those around us.
  • There are things you would like to see change right outside your door. This idea is the vehicle to make that happen. It provides the man power, it can provide access to the resources, and it is the only real solution that we have seen proposed.
  • Envision the future of your immediate community, your neighborhood. Imagine it five years from now, with all of the positive change you envision in place. That is what you are working for.

Come Join Us

We are not worried that your ideology may not be identical to ours, heck, we kind of hope it isn’t. We don’t care about your political history, your knowledge, or your affiliation. If you bring real political clout, so much the better, but it isn’t necessary. Get involved, help change things, and you may find the change you desire for yourself comes in the process.

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