We're Mad as Hell and We're Not Going to Take it Anymore!

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

When fictional news anchor Howard Beale encouraged his audience to utter the immortal words, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” The satire “Network” gave voice to an entire generation of people who were frustrated with the direction of America as it celebrated its 200th birthday. Fast forward nearly 40 years, and things have gotten worse. Today many of us are asking, what will it actually take for the American people to get fed up enough to do something about it? Meanwhile the govt hands out more goodies and a few more drop out of the fight.


The Fight is Worth Waging

Well, in the last few days, I have remembered both why I feel I have to be involved in this current project,  (the GOP precinct project) and why I detest politics as a whole! We have been working nearly around the clock to get a website and social media up to speed while working towards a real world event that has the potential to inspire real change.  Here are some of the things we have run into.

  • The state party has promised to provide information that is slow in coming, or never arrives at all
  • The county officers in many counties seem bent on keeping their positions and doing what they feel is best for the party, regardless of the rules, or any opposition
  • Citizens feel shut out of even this most basic of all entry levels into politics

If Not Now, When? If Not us, Who?

 It comes down to this, something has to be done. Many groups have come to this conclusion. Some have chosen to give up, fearing that their efforts will always be in vain. Others will continue to beat the same drum, fighting for the same cause, claiming that it is the key to freedom. The problem is, we have been fighting the symptoms and not the disease!

  • Now is the time to get this right. Things will never be easier than they are now. The further we move away from govt by the people the harder it will be to get it back.
  • Politically, we are sitting at a fortuitous time. The precinct meetings happening this year provide a perfect trial run to get up to speed for next year’s presidential election and another round of meetings!
  • We have a group of people in our state right now who were recently activated to political change and had the carpet yanked out from under them. They are primed to work with anyone who presents a plan to change things that has a chance of working. We have that.

 Our Government is Sick!

I am not talking about their sexual proclivities, or their brutal military conquests, I am talking about an ill system that cannot sustain healthy change in its current form. Without reshaping the process and giving the voice back to the everyday people no real, lasting change can be implemented. The system just shuts it down, and reboots back to status quo.

  • Even at the local party level, the bureaucrat is in charge. This has to change, if we cannot represent our own, real, physical neighbors, what hope is there?
  • People who would be happy to work hard to hash out change get the door slammed in their face, and even appeals to the rules are laughed at, or ignored completely.
  • Many people, having experienced this and similar treatment doubt that real change is even possible.

It is a Number’s Game!

It is essential that EVERYONE reading this plan to attend their precinct meeting, but it cannot stop there. Fill up your empty seats with other Republican voters and tell them to vote with you to change things! I will stop short of encouraging vote buying, although at this level it is probably technically legal, but get some back up. Then do this!

  • Share your intentions on FB, Twitter and wherever else people may see it! Challenge them to get involved!
  • Share the posts we have with info about the precinct and convention meetings, and call up people in other precincts and tell them to get off the couch!
  • Talk about what you want to achieve before you go into the meeting! Study the rules, the party platform and the call to convention, understand the process!

If We Don’t Win, We Cannot Give Up!

50%+1 is all it takes to win! If we don’t win in one precinct, fight for another, and another. We can campaign for people to attend in any precinct, and we should! This is where it begins. If we cannot fight corruption and cronyism against volunteer party officers, why should we think we can fight against entrenched politicos with tax money behind them?

  • This is bigger than your cause. It is an opportunity to get a system that is open to all for input. Does this mean we will always win? No, but we can provide the chance to decide what we really want!
  • Discouragement is a part of the game from time to time but quitting is not an option. We are getting dangerously close to the cliff. If we don’t fight this now, there might not be a next time!
  •  We are in this for our children, and their children. Whatever small gains we get this time, will be added to the gains we take next time but we have to get the ball rolling!

If you have not signed up yet, and most of you have not, do it now! We are not asking for blood, or your first born. We need your help and showing your support by signing up is a huge boost to everyone else! So, let’s do it. GO HERE RIGHT NOW!

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