What OK Grassroots Project Can Learn From MLK

Hello OK Grassroots Project Nation! We have a really BIG week ahead. Starting tomorrow with our OK County Precinct Leader Training and ending up next week with Oklahoma County Precinct Meetings on the 27th. There are several other counties happening that day as well, so next Tuesday will say a lot about what we have been able to accomplish in the last month.

Today, we celebrate the legacy of a man that helped to shape the modern American social landscape. He was arguably one of the most influential voices of the entire twentieth century. Martin Luther King, Jr approached what most considered an impossible task with confidence and faith, and in less than ten years, his work would completely and permanently rewrite the course of American history, and cause ripples that are still echoing around the globe today. So, we face a similarly huge challenge, what can we learn from this man and the movement he helped to inspire?

According to Michael Hyatt, one of the main lessons is in his ability to not allow the enormity of the task to put limits on his beliefs.  This is from Hyatt’s blog post on the subject

A limiting belief doesn’t change reality. It just limits what we’ll make of it. It’s a misunderstanding of the present that shortchanges our future.

King was surrounded by limiting beliefs like these:

  • The civil rights movement is asking for too much too fast.
  • The civil rights movement is stirring up unnecessary trouble.
  • Whites won’t change. Racial reconciliation is impossible.
  • Racism is engrained in the culture. We’ll never change that, let alone the law.

Take a look at that list! It almost directly parallels thoughts we have had and things that have been said about what we are attempting!

  • You’re trying to change things in the Republican Party too fast. We need more time to set up a plan and gather support.
  • This is just stirring up trouble. We don’t want troublemakers in our party. These people just want to disrupt everything.
  • Many of you who made HUGE inroads during the push for Ron Paul experienced the feeling that it can’t be changed. But, all it takes is 50%+1 to win an election.
  • The Republicans have been doing the same thing the same way, and most of them think that if they could just get what they want, it would fix everything. They don’t want liberty and there is nothing you can do to change that!

Let Me Address These One at a Time

  1. We realize that building an activist network of 60,000 people in Oklahomna is an ambitous plan.
  2. We are hoping that everyone who comes along for the ride will be as respectful of the process as possible. We are not trying to "stir" anything up, but rather get more voices into the conversation.
  3. We want this to be a victory for the people of Oklahoma not a takeover of anything. There are people who want a voice and they can have it, if they will just get involved.
  4. There are so many things that can be said about this, but history is literally littered with stories who gave up on something “impossible” just inches from an unseen goal line, only to have someone else come along behind them and finish the job. Don’t give up! We can still build on what you started, but if we let that foundation rot, we have to start over!
  5. The problem is that both parties have worked unchallenged for so long that they have taken it as approval. They are not even playing by their own rules anymore, rules they wrote! We have this one entry into the system, which anyone can get to. If we cannot change things on the local, county and state level, there is no hope. Working from the top down has not accomplished the goals we have.

So, as you think today about the task ahead, please take the time to make one more phone call to get another liberty-minded person on your precinct team. Offer them a ride. Come to the training tomorrow, or login and watch the livestream. Get prepared and be sure to show up on time and ready to work, we can do this!


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