Why It Will Succeed

“It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority,
keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.
-- attributed to Samuel Adams

Our plan will succeed for three simple reasons:

First, our vision of transforming Oklahoma into a Free State is bold, achievable, and inspiring.

It allows for all voices to be heard, and supplies a mechanism to apply that political pressure, where it counts most, and the foundation of Oklahoma’s political structure.

  • The vision is simple enough to be grasped and acted upon by normal, everyday people willing to take the time and expend the energy to help.
  • The mechanism (precincts) is already integrated into the system. We can effect change if enough of us step forward to get involved.
  • Grassroots participation can shift power from the top, and help the People regain control over our own political destinies.

Second, our liberators are already among us. You may be one of them!

Second, those who see the problem and yearn for a solution are already here. We call them the Three Percenters. They are those Oklahomans concerned enough, and bold enough, to stand up and make a difference. Their hearts are already primed for liberty. With a simple plan, we can make this happen!

  • We know who many of them are already and have a plan in place to reach out to them.
  • If you reading this right now, you probably are among this group.
  • The tools already exist to empower you to be successful.

Third, developing the Grassroots into an effective political force is the missing link between the People and their Representatives.

The key to turning widespread, societal dissatisfaction into real change is the Precinct Town Meeting. It is there that we can recruit, inform, train and activate Precinct Leaders.

  • The precincts ultimately determine who will be the official party nominees for political offices at every level. This gives the People a tremendous amount of power to wield for good.
  • The precinct meeting is a simple, low time-commitment way for everyday citizens to be directly involved in holding elected representatives accountable to the public trust.
  • This structure already exists, but it is sitting idle, ready for someone to use it to effect real, lasting, meaningful change. All we have to do is man our posts, get to work, and be sure to have fun doing it!

Join with us!

The Precinct Town Meetings, and the organizations that stem from them, will provide the foundation for restoring limited, responsive government to Oklahoma. We are committed to providing the resources to help you participate successfully.

All that remains is for you to translate desire into action and commit to joining us today! Then find at least one more like you and share this vision with them. The further and faster it spreads, the easier our job will be. Will you join us?

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