You say the OK Grassroots Project is non-partisan, but you advocate working through the OK GOP. Isn't that a contradiction?


No, it isn't.

The fact is that the laws will only be changed through the political process. The quickest opportunity for liberty-minded individuals to effect change is through one of Oklahoma's two existing parties. As a practical matter, we chose the GOP because:

  • It's stated, foundational principle is: “We believe in limited government, individual liberty, and personal moral responsibility.
  • It is the majority party, growing in voter registration and elected officials. By themselves, the Democrats can do little but talk. If united, the GOP legislators can pass any laws they want.

Our effort is non-partisan in that we encourage Precinct Town Meetings to be open to everyone. We want Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and the un-registered to join the process and make their voices heard. Those who want to work through the Democrat party are encouraged to do so. Just understand that their clout is rapidly diminishing.

That said, there may be circumstances that working through the Democrats may be the only practical option to promote liberty.